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Review of Republic Wireless and the Motorola Moto X (UPDATED)

Review of Republic Wireless and the Motorola Moto X (UPDATED)

I’ve had the Moto X with Republic Wireless since November 2013. I could not be more happy with the value and service with the phone and with Republic Wireless. While the phone was a little expensive at $299, getting unlimited calling, texts, and data for $25 per month is an incredible deal.

My wife was growing increasingly frustrated with her Motorola Defy XT, and so we upgraded to another Moto X for her in June 2014. Thankfully, Motorola was offering a $100 rebate on the Moto X by returning the Defy XT. The difference in performance and call quality between the two is incredible. She is on the unlimited calling and texts for $10 per month, so our total bill with taxes and junk fees is around $40 per month.

When compared with the other no-contract carriers, Republic is hard to beat, unless you don’t need unlimited features. I¬†recently helped my parents transition from AT&T to Ting, and I plan on reporting how that goes. Their bill went¬†from around $65 per month with AT&T to about $30 per month with Ting, with the same usage totals.

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